Reusable Swim Nappy & Wet Bag Set

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Reusable Swimming Nappy

Bare & Boho’s swim nappies are designed to contain solid waste with their single gusset feature. They are reusable and washable; saving money and excess waste!

Designed in size options: One-Size (4 – 15kg)

Bare & Boho’s swim nappies are not designed with any added absorbency, as they will become too heavy in the water for bub – with the danger of weighing them down.

They are designed to be lightweight, with leg gussets to contain safely number 2’s, but allow for water and urine to flow through.

The swim nappies are bundled with our best-selling large water-resistant wet bags.

Super handy and convenient water- resistant storage bag for use with cloth nappies, swimming gear or general-purpose travel!

Bare & Boho’s wet-bags are made with water-resistant PUL and feature stunning designer prints.

Double-pocketed for convenience, and allows parents to store in separate pockets their dry and wet items. Handy wrist-strap for ease of travel or to hang over door, pram or nappy bag. Zippered closure helps keep wetness and smells effectively contained.

Size: 35 x 40cm

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