Natures Child Organic Baby Massage Oil 100ml

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Baby Massage every day enhances the bonding between baby and loved one as well as moisturising their skin with the purest organic ingredients.

Keeping babies skin moisturised does wonders for preventing dryness and increasing the love hormones between baby and parent. I passionately support baby massage as an essential routine in the prevention of post natal upset for new mums.

Learn more about the importance of these ingredients and a moisturising massage routine with your baby below.

Nature’s Child Certified Organic Baby Massage Oil is part of there signature range of Certified Organic Baby Skincare
Baby’s skin is very delicate so they have selected a simple formula using the safest and most gentle organic ingredients for nourishing dry skin. Touch is one of the first senses that develops in the womb and it is the most developed sense at birth. Through Baby Massage we can communicate love, security and comfort and help baby adjust from the environment of the womb to the world.

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