Little Innoscents – Grapefruit Essential Oil 10ml

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Grapefruit Essential Oil 10ml

Country of Origin: Italy


The sweetness and zesty aroma of grapefruit makes this oil uplifting and revitalizing. Like the fruit itself, the essential oil of Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants helping to boosts our immune system.

As a stimulant, it wakes up the brain by making it active and gives new direction to thoughts offering an uplifting and relaxing effect on mind

Hint: Grapefruit Essential Oil blends very well with Bergamot, FrankincenseGeranium, Lavender and Palmarosa oil.


Add 4-6 drops of oil to an oil burner or diffuser to enhance your mood.

May be added to water for a relaxing bath and tonic.

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